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                Internet is really one of the greatest inventions of human beings; it's the only social media in the world enables you to hear a voice of a humble programmer ... like mine.


      Below you can find my most recent resume in two versions:

1.       Classic form: Ioan HARNA - Resume.doc and Ioan HARNA - Resume.pdf

2.       Detailed form: Ioan HARNA - Detailed Resume.pdf where  you can find the following information: 

            - On the first page - my main skills and my technical knowledge.
            - Afterwards I have described the projects I have been working on.
            - On the last page you will find some general information about me.

            I also saved here the SCADA paper I published following my Masters project in order for you to have a better overview on my background.



            If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me



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  • Ioan HARNA - Resume.doc - Download
  • Ioan HARNA - Detailed Resume.pdf - Download
  • Ioan HARNA - French resume.doc - Download
  • Ioan HARNA - Resume.pdf Download
  • Ioan HARNA - SCADA.pdf  Download